Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Tins: Another Stourton Tin

I've had a long break from this blog - mainly because of another break - a broken hip! I had a fall in January and I ended up having to have a full hip replacement. The recovery process takes a while and it is only recently that I've felt confident enough to head back down the cellar stairs to our lovely below-ground workshop.

Just before my accident I made another Stourton tin. Once again I used a Pontefract Cakes tin and pasted a map of Stourton around the insert and on the back of the tin. This picture on the insert this time is a photograph of me and my sister Ann in our front street in Stourton. I'm the baby in the pram and Ann is in the toy car.

The railway figures in the tin were self-assembly and self-paint. I found the pram almost impossible to assemble - so fiddly! Nicky proved much better at this than me and assembled and painted everything. I gave the tin to Ann as a gift. I hope she liked it!

Still got a few tins halfway completed - next one to finish is my Bowie 'Ashes to Ashes' tin. Watch this space.