Friday, 29 January 2016

Vintage Tin Dioramas

Creative interlude while Katie created our first grandchild, darling Dorrie! Some postings now of previously finished work. We were inspired by artwork we saw in a craft market in Melbourne to create some mini-dioramas in vintage tins. Our first attempt focuses on our hometown in Worcestershire - Stourport-on-Severn. Nicky carved the wooden insert and took the photograph of the tree. The map shows the location of Stourport and the image behind the man is of Stourport High Street many years ago!

This is the vintage tin we used:

We based another tin on a poem by e e Cummings, 'in Just / Spring' . I also wrote a piece of flash fiction to go with it (to be published in an anthology by Fantastic Books later this year). Nicky took
the image of the helter-skelter in Stourport and I 'vintaged' it. Nicky carved the wooden inserts and
made the 'bars' in the right-hand corner.

The poet Roz Goddard @rozgoddard kindly allowed us to base a tin on her prize-winning 'Sound of Music' inspired poem 'The Baroness and the Nun'. The image of the hills was taken in the Lake District by my daughter, Katie.

Here is the full poem on the back of the tin:

Here is the tin on proud display on Roz's bookshelf.

Sometimes it's possible to really match the vintage tin to the subject matter. We deliberately used three nuns in this tin!

We made a tiny tin in celebration of the marriage of my daughter Katie and her husband, Finn. The map shows the location, and the house in the image is the hall in Suffolk where we had the ceremony and party. Nicky carved miniature figures in wood - she even copied the flower in Katie's hair and the hat Finn wore. The cigarette lighter in the image shows how small the tin and the figures are.

The next tin is one of the cheapest we've made. The tin itself is one of Wilfie's sardine tins. Nicky carved the wooden fish and I made the steam-punk collage on the fish and the nautical and piratical collage in the image behind. The fish is reversible!

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